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You smell like Aveda

Over 9 years ago when I began my hairdressing career I would come home and my husband would tell me I smelled good (I worked at an Aveda Salon whilst finishing up cosmetology school).

As time saw me move to different venues (i.e. non-Aveda salons) that sentiment changed to “You smell salon-y.” I suppose he picked up on the artificial perfumes and fragrances contained in various hair care products.

you smell like aveda

Four years ago I took up residence here at Salon Enso. Upon returning home from my first day of work my husband again remarked “You smell good!” Now he knows better – when he greets me after work (after both of my dogs feel they’ve given me enough welcome home kisses) he now says, “You smell like Aveda.”

I take that as a high compliment.

flower arrangementLoyal Aveda devotees as well as new guests alike revel in the distinct aroma that comes from plant and flower essences. Anyone and everyone that walks through Enso’s doors breathes deep and comments on the delicious aromas in the air.

The “Aveda Smell” is a phenomenon; one that sets us apart from any other beauty company. Whereas many hair care companies incorporate synthetic perfumes into their products, Aveda utilizes signature essential oil blends specific to each line of products.

Aveda boasts on site Pure-Fumers (more on the fancy spelling in a minute) responsible for creating those aromas we know and love. They are also responsible for testing and sourcing the quality of the raw materials that give the Aveda products their special olfactory pizazz (aveda.com). They are entitled Pure-Fumers because of the dedication to using only essential oils (in varying combinations) versus synthetic fragrance oils.

What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils you ask?

pipette with essential oilsFor starters there is the price. Take for example, rose essential oil which Aveda uses in both their Brilliant Hair Care line as well as the new Alanara Hair Pure-Fume. Rose Essential Oil can cost between $300 and $800 per OUNCE. Synthetic rose fragrance oil (meaning it smells like roses, but it isn’t made from roses) can cost a mere $3.50 per oz. (chagrinvalleysoapandsalve.com).

The difference between the benefits of each is staggering as well. Rose essential oil can help relieve depression, is antimicrobial and relieves tired, fatigued muscles. Rose fragrance oil can disrupt your endocrine system as well as cause mutagenic and genotoxic effects.

So which one would you rather have in your products that are touching your skin and scalp?

August saw Aveda take their love of pure-fume and the Ayurvedic belief of the aromatheraputic benefits of plant and flower essences one step further with the launch of their first hair pure-fume.

Pure-Fume Hair Mists were designed to provide the Aveda guest with an aromatic journey around the World. Each of these hair pure-fumes gives softness and shine to your mane while transporting you to an exotic locale by inhaling distinct essential oil blends.

Mihana, Marassona and Alanara were created to enhance and compliment the “Aveda smell” from our hair care products.

Mihana (my personal favorite) contains a blend of jasmine, organic mandarin, clove and a little cheeky Aveda magic. It is designed to transport the wearer to the sacred forests and gardens of Japan.

aveda productsMarassona contains organic neroli, ylang ylang and vetiver. This particular aroma is designed to whisk the wearer away to Brazil’s coastline where the forest meets the sea.

And finally we have the aforementioned Alanara which takes guests to the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East with sandalwood, organic rose, oud and olibanum.

We all know smelling good is a good thing, right? And if my years of a stylist have taught me anything, smelling like Aveda is an even better thing.

So, then additionally scenting yourself with a specially blended hair pure-fume must be the greatest olfactory experience ever, right?

Stop in to Salon Enso today to see if your nose, knows 😉

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