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Aveda sweeps: #avedasweeps


Whether we like it or not, the hash tag has become a way of life.  It is a way to beacon others to what you deem important.  For example, if you want to show the social media world what breed of dog you have, hash tag it.  If you want everyone to know where you grocery shop, find amusing, where you had the most fabulous meal of your life or get your hair done, hash tag it.

The hash tag #smellslikeAveda is alive and well within the doors of Salon Enso.

Guests repeatedly comment on the various combinations of plant and flower essences we use on their heads.  And who wouldn’t?  Aveda is both unique and completely distinctive with its aromas.  I’ve waxed poetic in another blog posting about the two PURE-fumers who work tirelessly to find the best combination of essential oils to give each Aveda line its signature scent.

Allow me to break down the three that Aveda considers their “Heritage Aromas”


Shampure is the most classic of all the Aveda signature scents.  And so wildly popular it inspired a body care line so you can #smellslikeaveda from head to toe.  Its calming aroma is comprised of TWENTY FIVE plant and flower essences including organic Lavender, ylang ylang, petigrain and orange.

The Shampure formula has also seen a recent update where silicones were removed in favor of Abyssinian oil, which gently nourishes hair.  Shampure shampoo and conditioner are ideal for fine to medium hair types with minimal dryness.  It leaves the hair gently cleansed, lightly nourished and sublimely scented.


If you prefer your hair cleansing on the zippy side, Rosemary mint has you covered.  Its rosemary, peppermint and spearmint blend will awaken and energize the senses – like a York Peppermint Patty.  It also uses wheat derived white vinegar to help gently clarify the hair.  The same technology is in the Rosemary Mint conditioner to enhance shine, whilst soybean oil and jojoba help prevent tangles and static.

Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner are ideal for the fine haired guest with hair and scalp on the oily side.  Because of its clarifying powers, this shampoo and conditioner may lack in the conditioning department for those with thick curly hair.  However if it is an aroma you just can’t live without – it is also available in body care!


                Cherry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner are the new kids on the block (shelf?). Having seen their debut this summer, however that hasn’t stopped this duo from being Aveda Sweethearts.

The softly sweet scent is modeled after a classic, yet long gone Aveda product, Cherry Almond Deep Penetrating Hair Revitalizer.

This shampoo and conditioner duo has the aroma of ylang ylang, tonka bean and orange which create a confectionary creamy fragrance.  Almond oil and shea butter allow this duo to gently cleanse the hair whilst helping to easily detangle and add shine and bounce to the hair.

I’m slightly partial to the conditioner for its ability to intensely hydrate without weighing hair down – plus a comb glides right through in the shower.

THE LOWDOWN              

Why am I giving you all these details?  Because for as many Aveda shampoos and conditioners  I’m sure we all own (peeks in own shower at 10 bottles), I’m sure there is one of those three heritage scents that makes your heart and olfactory sensors sing (get it – shower, shampoo, sing? Haha..) more than all the rest.

And Aveda wants to know!  Not that you sing in the shower, because that would be a little too much information, but they want to know which of their classic aromas you like best.


Now through March 25th, snap a creative photo of you with your favorite dynamic duo (Shampure, Rosemary Mint or Cherry Almond), post it to social media and tag it as such (#TeamShampure #TeamRosemaryMint #TeamCherryAlmond) as well as #AvedaSweeps and you (YES YOU) dear client could win free shampoo and conditioner for a YEAR.  That’s right.   FREE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER FOR A YEAR.  Once you have done your hashtagin’ and posting Aveda will do the rest by selecting 10 very lucky winners.

So get to bubbling up buttercups!  Smelling like Aveda for free year round is something to get super excited about, or at least gives you another reason to sing in the shower. 😉

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