Too HOT to Handle

The predominant goal at Salon Enso is that you always leave happy with some killer hair. The ultimate test however is if you can style and maintain those Instagram worthy locks at home.


Remember the best haircut means NOTHING unless it offers you ease of styling. No one should ever have to fight for hours to get their hair to do what they want!

I, as well as the other stylists here at Enso, have been told by countless clients they wish they could have us come to their homes and style their hair every morning. Realistically that isn’t going to happen for a myriad of reasons (and believe me, it isn’t because we don’t love all of you).

Having someone style your hair for you is totally different than styling it yourself. I can vouch from my own experiences of standing in the bathroom frustrated that my fringe is not cooperating for the day.

Yet, there are ways to get salon quality results at home beyond inviting a sleep and coffee deprived stylist to your door on a daily basis.

bad hair dayFor most of us, heat styling is a part of our everyday routine. And like most things you do on a daily basis what you are using has an impact on the overall result.

In addition to the house call stylist request, we are often questioned if the quality of hot tools matters. The short answer? Indubitably!!

Think of your hair as a fabric. If you have a silk shirt, you are going to launder it differently than you would a wool afghan. You wouldn’t iron your silk shirt with 450 degree heat and you wouldn’t hand wash a wool blanket. You would follow the instructions found on the care tags.

You invested in those items and the same philosophy applies to your hair.

I can hear the slight hyperventilating happening through the screen…. “But I spent money on my highlights, my cut, these stellar Aveda products and now I have to buy a Maserati quality blow dryer?!”

As with any electrical appliance investing in your hot tools will produce more consistent results and the motors/heating elements etc. are meant to last longer. There are amazing hot tools to be found at all price points.

Keep your eyes open and read on to know exactly what to look for!

ceramic hair dryer nozzleRemember the clothing analogy? Different settings of heat work better for different heads of hair. An adjustable temperature gage on any hot tool is a MUST. Look for a blow dryer that offers two different speeds (high and low) as well as a hot, warm and cool setting. The heated settings will help dry the hair whilst blasting the hair with a cool shot of air after it is dry helps lock it in place.

Concentrator nozzles are also excellent additions that accompany many blow dryers. They are the triangular or circular attachments that snap on to the barrel of the dryer. They provide a safe distance for your hair from the hot metal grate of the blow dryer.

An adjustable thermostat also applies to flat irons, curling irons, hot brushes and crimpers (textured hair is HUGE – literally- on the catwalk). Purchase an iron that allows you to select the heat setting. No one, no one, no one needs 450 degrees plus on their hair. Excessive temperatures can deplete the hair of its protein and moisture causing it to burn right off.

Everyone at Enso has witnessed their share of fried fringe – keep your hot styling tools between 350 and 375 degrees, use a heat protectant (all of Aveda’s Prep products are fantastic), take small-ish sections and keep the tool moving through the hair.

You’ll have perfectly primped and healthy tresses without the need for an emergency haircut.

When it comes to hot tools the second stipulation is to keep an eye out for quality materials. You wouldn’t want to pay the price tag for silk and find out you really received polyester….it matters to your hair too.

weightIn terms of hot tools our favorites (especially in flat iron form) are either ceramic or titanium plates. Why so fancy? Unlike metal, ceramic and titanium heat up evenly along the plate – meaning that the entire plate gets warm and that heat is evenly distributed to the section of hair. A metal plate will not heat evenly and can leave you with “hot spots” or areas of scorched hair. In addition, titanium is resistant to cracking so the plates will stay smooth and won’t snag any wayward strands.

Many hair care companies have recognized that ceramic and titanium are healthier options for heat styling the hair and will claim this information on the box. All you have to do is check the label!

You’ve already got the killer color, the super stylish haircut and the amazing arsenal of Aveda products. Now throw in some terrific new tools and you are ready for salon quality styling results – at home.