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Styled by You!

New beginnings

January, or more appropriately, New Year’s Day means resolutions for many.  It is a time to come clean, to eat clean, to get into shape or to kick a bad habit or two or three and pick up good ones in their place.  Personally, I’m not a fan of making resolutions.  I feel there is no wrong time to try and improve oneself – ANY day is a good day for that, not just specifically January 1st.

The same thing can be said for those that set challenges for themselves to learn something new or to try something they haven’t before.  I have had friends do 31 day push up and squat challenges, yoga challenges and kindness challenges.  The thought of trying something new can be scary to many, whilst others will dive right in.  I do think the sentiment remains the same regardless.  That interior voice asking what if I fail?  What if I’m not any good?  What if I can’t complete the ‘challenge’?

Practice Makes Perfect

I am here to say specifically, no one exceeds at their first step.  Failure is part of success.  Success requires practice, patience and the willingness to continually try day by day until little by little you see an improvement.

In my (over a) decade of being behind the chair I most often hear the lament “I wish I could do this at home” or “I wish I could have you come do my hair for me every morning.”  Contrary to popular belief, hairstylists struggle with their hair too!

I was never good at styling my own hair; however I learned – especially when I had my hair cut short for the first time.  When you rock a pixie cut, a ponytail is NOT an option.  Styling your hair becomes an absolute necessity and much of my learning was via trial and error.  I feel I have it down to an easy routine now, but it isn’t to say I don’t suffer from a questionable hair day every now and then.

In today’s social media savvy world, we should all walk around looking like Instagram ready models with hair, makeup and grooming to a tee.  However most of us live in the real world and are looking for quick and easy methods for tasks that seem to take ages.

Thankfully, Here at Salon Enso we are here to take the guesswork out of your most baffling hair conundrums.  If you want to learn how to easily tame your mane, look no further than our Styled by You classes.

Styled by You

Styled by You is an effort to take the guess work out of those times when you want an Instagram worthy hairstyle, but have no idea how to approach it yourself.  Enso began this series with a simple curled holiday party ready style (the brainchild of one Miss Molly Swan) back in December.

Our guests were excited to FINALLY learn how to wield that curling iron in a way that made sense and to have a cute style to wear out for events.  Post class, the response was glowing – so much so that we decided to host another one!

Styled by You: Braiding will take place on Saturday, February 2nd from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.  Sign up is available now for the price of twenty dollars, all of which is redeemable in product post class.  Braids, much like soft loose curls are a styling phenomenon and you can learn how to do a quick easy style that can be converted into multiple looks.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge yourself (or if you prefer –resolve)to finally learn how to “do your hair”!  Call 717.435.9574 for more information and to reserve your space.  This event promises you will make some friends, learn a new skill AND overcome a styling hurdle – all good for 33 days into the New Year!

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