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Staying A-HEAD

Keep on top of your schedule and your look by knowing when to book your next apppointment!

A little self-love goes a long way…

I believe it goes without saying that we feel our best when we look our best.  For the vast majority of individuals that could be after receiving a mani/pedi, a slick new outfit (or one show stopping piece of clothing or an accessory that makes us feel like a million bucks), an AMAZING facial that gives us a lit from within glow or a fresh hairdo.  All these are factors contributing to our outward appearance that makes our inner self shine bright.

I’m not a manicure/pedicure person (oddly, I never have been) and I do LOVE clothing and fashion (scoring a great new blazer or jacket has me reeling with delight).  However, the one thing I have always loved- even before entering the world of hairdressing- is the fresh from salon feel.  Having short hair that requires more “in salon” maintenance has me loving that feeling even more.  Being a hairstylist who falls by the wayside to allow her guests to take top priority – I value haircuts on my own head even more!

As we look towards the future

Fortunately or unfortunately hair grows.  That can be a blessing and a curse as some people love to change their hair up constantly and some like to keep their fresh style (and color) intact.  Either or, the best way to mane-tane (ha-ha) your current style or switch up the one you have is to pre-book or schedule out your appointments.  Pre-booking not only ensures you have an appointment time that works best for your busy social calendar, but also sees you have an appointment for precisely the right amount of time to keep that “looking your best” vibe going.

But when should I book?

Shorter Hair

For most salon guests, the time frame between appointments is four to six weeks.  This space of time works well if you have a cut that is anything from a pixie to a bob (gentlemen, this would DEFINITELY include you).  Hair grows on average ¼” to ½” per month (some hair does grow faster/slower).  Shorter hair does grow out of shape much faster than long hair; therefore it requires a bit more maintenance.   It is also a great amount of time to get those pesky greys covered, as ½” or more of regrowth seems to be enough to scream to the world that you aren’t a natural blonde/ brunette/ redhead.

Longer Hair

For our longer haired guests, eight to twelve weeks seems like a sweet spot to keep those long layers swishing softly.  This is also the perfect length of time between appointments for those that like to get highlights or any other type of specialty color such as balayage (hand painted highlights).  Highlights produce a softer/more blended look, therefore the grow out is more graceful and soft than a traditional color retouch.

Feel lost?

If you aren’t sure where the length of your hair falls, or are unsure about WHEN you should schedule your next appointment – just ask!  We at Salon Enso want you to continue the fresh salon feeling so we are happy to recommend a time frame AND get you scheduled so you are always feeling and looking your best. 

Iris Apfel

As the great fashion icon Iris Apfel has said “If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.”

Conquering the world – salon fresh, four to twelve weeks at a time.

                                                                                                                ::hair flip::

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