Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.

This message graces our chalkboard for January – the month of resolutions.

I skipped out on blogging last month. I’m disappointed with myself because it was my goal for myself to do this consecutively for YEARS. I almost hit that goal of 24 months of consistency!

Then December struck along with all the merriment and craziness it housed.

We (the elves of Salon Enso) were busy making people sparkle more festively than a Christmas tree or Hanukkah menorah.

I taught a color class smack dab in the middle of the month, there were gatherings, food prep, sugary food consumption and a persistent cold that claimed a few of us (including me) in its grip pre-holiday.

However, everyone in the salon chugged along. Guests left happy – which is always our goal.

During this cheerfully chaotic time, my husband asked me why I wouldn’t take a sick day. He also queried why I was pushing myself to make all these holiday goodies (i.e. edible gifts) if I’m so stressed out.

I told him the short answer is I love to give. I give time, advice, great hair, love or a snack. If you ever watch individuals, their demeanor changes when you give.

It is a positive action that creates a positive reaction.

At the end of October, Molly (one of our super talented stylists) went out to the Aveda headquarters in Minneapolis for a global educator summit. As a bonding activity the first night of the conference, all the educators made blankets to donate to the Children’s Hospital of Minneapolis.

This inspired Molly to suggest that Salon Enso do the same at our holiday party. Everyone agreed. Therefore, on December 3rd – full of delicious but bad for your waistline treats – we (the ladies of Salon Enso) made nine blankets to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA.

We had a blast making them as well – having fun, doing good.

As I stated before, every year I make an assortment of treats for the sole purpose of sharing and giving them to my neighbors. I do it because I have amazing people that live on all sides of my house and I truly adore them.

I am very thankful they feel the same as they have reciprocated in kind every year. Cheese plates, homemade snicker doodles, candies, bayberry candles. I live on a great street and I’m glad my neighbors share in the positive action of giving.

There is also the community of Enso itself.

The ladies here are all more than generous at sharing their talent, time and energy. We encourage and boost confidence.

We take time during our busy season to stay after work and pretty each other up for the holidays.

If one of us is down, the rest of us help to make that person beam again.

We all believe in one another, love one another and clients tell us that our attitude is infectious – they believe we send out positive vibes (not cold germs).

Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life…

Positivity is good to stand by in January for the New Year and all year round.