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Charity:Water, Aveda and Global Responsibility

Our Mission, at Aveda is to care for the world we live in. From the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

As an Aveda educator and stylist I have the above mission statement committed to memory. It adorns all the Aveda paraphernalia and is proudly displayed on the walls within Salon Enso. The mission is an impactful, true guiding principal for how Aveda (as a company) and we (as a concept salon) conduct ourselves. Since its beginnings in 1978 (in Hors Rechelbacher’s bathtub), Aveda has worked tirelessly to ensure we give back to the Earth.

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Aveda sweeps: #avedasweeps


Whether we like it or not, the hash tag has become a way of life.  It is a way to beacon others to what you deem important.  For example, if you want to show the social media world what breed of dog you have, hash tag it.  If you want everyone to know where you grocery shop, find amusing, where you had the most fabulous meal of your life or get your hair done, hash tag it.

The hash tag #smellslikeAveda is alive and well within the doors of Salon Enso.

Guests repeatedly comment on the various combinations of plant and flower essences we use on their heads.  And who wouldn’t?  Aveda is both unique and completely distinctive with its aromas.  I’ve waxed poetic in another blog posting about the two PURE-fumers who work tirelessly to find the best combination of essential oils to give each Aveda line its signature scent.

Allow me to break down the three that Aveda considers their “Heritage Aromas”


Shampure is the most classic of all the Aveda signature scents.  And so wildly popular it inspired a body care line so you can #smellslikeaveda from head to toe.  Its calming aroma is comprised of TWENTY FIVE plant and flower essences including organic Lavender, ylang ylang, petigrain and orange.

The Shampure formula has also seen a recent update where silicones were removed in favor of Abyssinian oil, which gently nourishes hair.  Shampure shampoo and conditioner are ideal for fine to medium hair types with minimal dryness.  It leaves the hair gently cleansed, lightly nourished and sublimely scented.


If you prefer your hair cleansing on the zippy side, Rosemary mint has you covered.  Its rosemary, peppermint and spearmint blend will awaken and energize the senses – like a York Peppermint Patty.  It also uses wheat derived white vinegar to help gently clarify the hair.  The same technology is in the Rosemary Mint conditioner to enhance shine, whilst soybean oil and jojoba help prevent tangles and static.

Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner are ideal for the fine haired guest with hair and scalp on the oily side.  Because of its clarifying powers, this shampoo and conditioner may lack in the conditioning department for those with thick curly hair.  However if it is an aroma you just can’t live without – it is also available in body care!


                Cherry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner are the new kids on the block (shelf?). Having seen their debut this summer, however that hasn’t stopped this duo from being Aveda Sweethearts.

The softly sweet scent is modeled after a classic, yet long gone Aveda product, Cherry Almond Deep Penetrating Hair Revitalizer.

This shampoo and conditioner duo has the aroma of ylang ylang, tonka bean and orange which create a confectionary creamy fragrance.  Almond oil and shea butter allow this duo to gently cleanse the hair whilst helping to easily detangle and add shine and bounce to the hair.

I’m slightly partial to the conditioner for its ability to intensely hydrate without weighing hair down – plus a comb glides right through in the shower.

THE LOWDOWN              

Why am I giving you all these details?  Because for as many Aveda shampoos and conditioners  I’m sure we all own (peeks in own shower at 10 bottles), I’m sure there is one of those three heritage scents that makes your heart and olfactory sensors sing (get it – shower, shampoo, sing? Haha..) more than all the rest.

And Aveda wants to know!  Not that you sing in the shower, because that would be a little too much information, but they want to know which of their classic aromas you like best.


Now through March 25th, snap a creative photo of you with your favorite dynamic duo (Shampure, Rosemary Mint or Cherry Almond), post it to social media and tag it as such (#TeamShampure #TeamRosemaryMint #TeamCherryAlmond) as well as #AvedaSweeps and you (YES YOU) dear client could win free shampoo and conditioner for a YEAR.  That’s right.   FREE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER FOR A YEAR.  Once you have done your hashtagin’ and posting Aveda will do the rest by selecting 10 very lucky winners.

So get to bubbling up buttercups!  Smelling like Aveda for free year round is something to get super excited about, or at least gives you another reason to sing in the shower. 😉

Styled by You!

New beginnings

January, or more appropriately, New Year’s Day means resolutions for many.  It is a time to come clean, to eat clean, to get into shape or to kick a bad habit or two or three and pick up good ones in their place.  Personally, I’m not a fan of making resolutions.  I feel there is no wrong time to try and improve oneself – ANY day is a good day for that, not just specifically January 1st.

The same thing can be said for those that set challenges for themselves to learn something new or to try something they haven’t before.  I have had friends do 31 day push up and squat challenges, yoga challenges and kindness challenges.  The thought of trying something new can be scary to many, whilst others will dive right in.  I do think the sentiment remains the same regardless.  That interior voice asking what if I fail?  What if I’m not any good?  What if I can’t complete the ‘challenge’?

Practice Makes Perfect

I am here to say specifically, no one exceeds at their first step.  Failure is part of success.  Success requires practice, patience and the willingness to continually try day by day until little by little you see an improvement.

In my (over a) decade of being behind the chair I most often hear the lament “I wish I could do this at home” or “I wish I could have you come do my hair for me every morning.”  Contrary to popular belief, hairstylists struggle with their hair too!

I was never good at styling my own hair; however I learned – especially when I had my hair cut short for the first time.  When you rock a pixie cut, a ponytail is NOT an option.  Styling your hair becomes an absolute necessity and much of my learning was via trial and error.  I feel I have it down to an easy routine now, but it isn’t to say I don’t suffer from a questionable hair day every now and then.

In today’s social media savvy world, we should all walk around looking like Instagram ready models with hair, makeup and grooming to a tee.  However most of us live in the real world and are looking for quick and easy methods for tasks that seem to take ages.

Thankfully, Here at Salon Enso we are here to take the guesswork out of your most baffling hair conundrums.  If you want to learn how to easily tame your mane, look no further than our Styled by You classes.

Styled by You

Styled by You is an effort to take the guess work out of those times when you want an Instagram worthy hairstyle, but have no idea how to approach it yourself.  Enso began this series with a simple curled holiday party ready style (the brainchild of one Miss Molly Swan) back in December.

Our guests were excited to FINALLY learn how to wield that curling iron in a way that made sense and to have a cute style to wear out for events.  Post class, the response was glowing – so much so that we decided to host another one!

Styled by You: Braiding will take place on Saturday, February 2nd from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.  Sign up is available now for the price of twenty dollars, all of which is redeemable in product post class.  Braids, much like soft loose curls are a styling phenomenon and you can learn how to do a quick easy style that can be converted into multiple looks.

Challenge Yourself!

Challenge yourself (or if you prefer –resolve)to finally learn how to “do your hair”!  Call 717.435.9574 for more information and to reserve your space.  This event promises you will make some friends, learn a new skill AND overcome a styling hurdle – all good for 33 days into the New Year!

Toasty Digits Project

I don’t know if it is as irksome to some as it is to me to see Christmas ads as early as November 1st.  It may even be close to midnight on October 31st.  I’d like to quote the rather irritable Louis Black when I say “Christmas is coming and it has been with us since August…”  As much as the big box retailers would like you to believe that Christmas immediately proceeds Halloween – it does not.  There is one holiday that falls in between – THANKSGIVING.  This was a holiday which originated because settlers were thankful for a bountiful harvest.    And also, a holiday in which those settlers were thankful for the Native Americans’ knowledge that informed the planting, successful growth and harvesting of those crops.

It may be my critical world view, but it is ironic that we are so quick to progress from one holiday of commercialism to another – skimming over a holiday where we look back and have gratitude.  Where we stop to think and be thankful for the meaningful things in our lives.

I don’t mean to sound bitter or believe the whole world lives in retail gluttony.  I understand how economy works and I, much like my mom, love giving gifts.  There is a distinct satisfaction in that.  I like to share, to cook and provide people with food/treats, spend time with friends and give back.   I like to show people how much I care and am very lucky to work with women that feel the same way.

The last three years at our salon holiday party we have engaged in a service project.  Each year it was something that gave back to our community.  The first year we made twelve blankets for families at the Ronald McDonald house with two very dull sets of shears (you would think hairdressers would have better fabric cutting equipment) and some frustration, but we did it!  And the Ronald McDonald house was very grateful.

Last year we scarf bombed Lancaster. Utilizing sharper shears (and more pairs!) we made 24 scarves to hand out in downtown Lancaster to those in need.  Our owner (fearless lady boss, and all around cool woman in charge) went into Downtown Lancaster to hand them out on a frigid January day.  Within ten minutes all the scarves had been dispersed.

This year was what I affectionately dubbed “The Toasty Digits” project.  This sudden snap of cold weather has been torturous to my already dry skin (nurses, childcare workers, teachers, germ-a-phobes and fellow hairdressers – you know what I’m talking about!).

I am a massive fan of gloves and lotion this time of year.Sometimes my gloves grow legs (four of them!) and walk away but they are a much needed asset when the temperature drops as is something to keep the moisture from further draining away.

This year we bundled a pair of gloves, a small bottle of lotion and hand warmers into a sweet little package to dispense to those in need of keeping their digits…um, toasty.

I know a favorite expression is to “treat yo-self”, but I think it’s good to treat EVERYONE.  Whether you shared that Halloween candy [with your kids or friends] brought snacks or coffee into those at work, made your family a meal or just want to gift someone warm hands.  Gratefulness and gratitude are things that work October, into November into December and beyond.

Happy Holidays to All!



Pink Warrior

As an artist (did you know I have an art minor background?) I have an appreciation for color.  As a stylist and even before then I’ve had hair that has been nearly every color of the rainbow –  blue, purple, varying shades of brunette, red, teal (at one point), copper and most notably blonde.  I am drawn to very bold saturated color. The quest is also on to create subtle variances in my guest’s formulas when they ask for something new.  And yet, for all my love of Technicolor, three is one shade that causes very few stars to form in my eyes….

It’s pink. 

I don’t know that I’ve ever been a pink fan.  I always turned my nose up at the bubblegum hue.  Even as a child, I liked Sleeping Beauty’s dress best blue – or better yet, the flame like purple and black robes worn by Maleficent (she’s my FAVE Disney character).  Pink was never my thing. As an adult I believe I own a grand total of 2 pink items both worn very infrequently (both sweaters – although now that the eternal summer has taken a break, they may be dug out of hibernation)

Now don’t get me wrong.  There are tons of pink things that are cool – cherry blossoms, lemonade, roses, Jem’s hair color, raspberries, valentines and flamingos to name a few.  However, the color has always given me an adverse reaction. I equate it with being overly precious and girly – two things I don’t equate myself with at all.  It also seems like such a princess soft color…at least that is what I used to think. Now I view the color as a symbol of courageousness and strength.

In August of this year my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was early detection with absolutely zero family history of the disease.   As you can imagine, this was a shock to my family. Yet, her prognosis was good.  Her surgeon was confident of a smooth and easy surgery and this would be followed up by chemotherapy and radiation.  Curious like me, my mum began researching her options, especially for wigs. She marveled about the sheer amount of information about breast cancer on the internet, as well as the overwhelming support from the doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital.  I have shared my mom’s diagnosis with several clients to the same type of support. Everyone knows someone who is impacted by breast cancer, or who has had it themselves. I had no idea there was such a network of women offering love, support and positivity.  

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – a month where pink has never been more prominent.  Aveda also joins the fight against Breast Cancer with their limited edition Hand Relief. This year’s it iteration is house in a (what else?) pink tube with Aveda’s signature calming Shampure scent added to the mix.  Since 2001 Breast Cancer fundraising via Aveda has raised more than 4.3 million dollars.

Five dollars from the purchase of each tube is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) a non-profit organization founded in 1993.  In traditional Aveda fashion proceeds from all BCRF Hand Relief sales are used to fund cruelty free research looking for environmental links that lead to the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Pink no longer evokes Pepto-Bismol to me or screams prissy princess to me, but rather warrior queen.  I can proudly say I have been sporting pink all month. Yes it is a tiny ribbon on the front of my colorist’s apron however I display it proudly (baby steps!).  I stand with all the fierce females who have battled or may be battling the disease. I may never say pink is my favorite color, however my view point has changed –  Pink is power, pink is passion, pink is hope for a cure.

Sweet by Nature, Wild at Heart

Several weeks ago, after a particularly busy day in the salon, Molly and I decided to trade services for some much needed color TLC. You may be wondering why this is such a big deal. We work in a salon and should be able to get our hair done whenever – but it is a complete rarity. Most times we are dashing out the door with color on our heads to rinse out at home or furiously blow drying our own hair in the back room post cut. Continue reading “Sweet by Nature, Wild at Heart”

Continuing Education

students diplomaAll my life I have been told the importance of education. Much of that pertained to the desire my parents (and grandparents) had for me to attend college. Obtaining a degree from an institution of higher learning was a much sought after job requirement.

Primary and secondary education will give you the rudimentary skills to wander through the world. They teach you how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. They teach you how to read and write.

Continuing education teaches you how to focus those skills for the job you want. It is specialized education for your career path.

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Front Desk Diva

Each and every one of us sees our fair share of clients through the doors at Salon Enso. As many individuals as we see each day, month and year there is one individual that sees and remembers more faces than any other.

Chances are that you have interacted with her at least once on your many trips to the salon. This individual is tall, on occasion is bespeckled, and has hair that has been multiple colors and lengths…

Can you guess who?

It is Emily! Front Desk Coordinator Extraordinaire!

emily front desk coordinator

Emily has been a part of the Salon Enso family for well over 3 (going on 4) years. In that time she has become a one woman dynamo.

She is the individual that remembers each of our scheduling preferences (for all 8 stylists), can prattle off hair color terminology like a pro (having never enrolled in cosmetology school) and takes care of ordering all the Aveda products for the salon.

She also trains the front desk staff, manages our social media accounts, edits my grammatical error ridden blogs (HIIIIIIIIIII EM!) and can tell you the very best places to visit in Costa Rica.

What you may not know about Emily is that outside the salon she is a momma to three great kids, digs metal music and is a pro at quoting 80’s films (we both heart the 80’s) and Golden Girls.

chalk board artAnd I’m not going to stop there – Emily is also one of the most artistic and crafty people I’ve ever met.

While she may not be creating art on someone’s head, she works her aesthetic into the salon. Every month she researches and creates the most amazing artwork on the chalkboard above the couch in the waiting area.

Every month she outdoes herself. You must check out this month’s ode to Aveda’s Pramasana hair care line – it is incredible.

Her artwork and creativity is also on display in her own house with an octopus adorning her bathroom wall, funky palm print upholstery on her staircase and concrete finishing on her countertops – all done by her hand.

cakes and cupcakesEmily is also famous within our staff for her handmade Christmas ornaments and her Pinterest perfect cheesecakes.

If you saw any snapshots from our owner Jen’s wedding, Emily baked and decorated the wedding cake, and the 120 or so filled and iced cupcakes that adorned the cupcake tower. She did multiple flavors and frostings which prompted a taste testing party at our table….spoiler – they were all absolutely delicious.

So she can add ridiculously talented baker to her resume as well!

I asked Emily what she enjoys so much about working at Salon Enso (in addition to treating us to cake) and she said she felt Enso is a very welcoming environment and working here is fun and relaxed.

She’s also able to stretch and flex her creative muscles on a regular basis. I told her I think she enjoys working here because all of us are so rad (ha-ha).

Whatever the reason, we here at Enso are incredibly fortunate to have Emily as part of our family.

I hope you now know how incredible and indispensable she is. So next appointment stop by a little early to chit chat with Emily, about her art, kids or some of her divine cake 😉

salon enso staff

April Earth Month Events!

April has been an eventful month. Weather wise we have had snow, wind, “monsoons” and summertime temperatures. Here at Salon Enso we have also seen our fair share of action with not one, but two back to back super successful weekend shindigs.

I have mentioned it in previous April blogs (for the last 3 to 4 years now?) that the month is a HUGE one for Aveda. April is earth month and there is nothing more sacred or precious to a company that is 100% eco-conscious. Since its inception in 1978 Aveda has strived to set an example for environmental leadership. As a company specializing in hair care and one that backs its hairdressers it make sense clean water is high on the priority list.

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