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Here is to you, Kell Bell!

My coworkers like to tease me about my memory.  I have a knack for remembering obscure details and facts about my clients, other clients of the salon and newly formed acquaintances.  I suppose it is my own form of a pneumonic device.  I bring up my acute retention of unusual facts because when I decided on the subject matter for this month’s blog, one such instance stuck out to me above all others – a first meeting.  Late May of 2013 was my first day at Salon Enso.  I vividly remember being excited to begin a new chapter in my hairdressing life.  My first order of business was to organize my equipment.  I recall sitting on the floor, fully focused on the task at hand (I share my station, in case you didn’t know) when two feet appeared next to me.

“Hi!  I’m Kelly,” the feet said.  “I wanted to say welcome to the salon and if you have any questions or need help with anything, just ask!  I’m right over there.”  As I looked up the individual that the feet belonged to gestured to the station in the back corner and gave a big smile.  “I’m glad you are here.”

Such was my first introduction to one Miss Kelly Wimer and I am pleased to say in six years of working together, that sentiment has never changed.  Kelly is a doll and an encyclopedia of Aveda knowledge.  She actually rolled her eyes at me when I told her she was the subject of this month’s blog and asked. “Why me?”  I told her it was because she’s a rock star, product guru, great friend, special person, May is her birthday month AND because I love her to bits.

When she was young Kelly was inspired to become a hairstylist as her aunt was in the industry.  She said watching her cut; style and color sparked her interest in the field of cosmetology.  As a teenager, she became the go-to gal for her family and friends cutting and coiffing needs.  Upon graduating from cosmetology school, Kelly landed her first job at Studio One in 1994.   Kelly said she was a bit baffled by the products that smelled like dirt and herbs but decided to go with it and her dedication only grew from there.  Kelly has only exclusively worked with the Aveda line and in Aveda salons since becoming a hairdresser.  That’s L-O-V-E, folks.

One starring role Kelly taken on in recent months has been that of Salon Enso’s in-house Aveda Ambassador.  Essentially what it means is Kelly receives all the information about every new Aveda product set to launch as well as the active ingredients/botanicals and their functions (I told you she’s an encyclopedia!).  Each plant, herb and fruit used in Aveda products as its roots grounded in Ancient Indian Medicine (Ayurveda).  Kelly researches these ingredients, where they are sourced and how they help to benefit and heal the body and hair.  She is then able to share her knowledge (in detail) with the Salon Enso team and clients.  Making sure we can use and speak expertly on the products and provide the best recommendations to our guests.

Another fabulous attribute of my wonderful coworker: Kelly continually embodies everything I want to be as a stylist.  Her work is consistently fabulous, yet she LOVES to learn and grow her skill set.  In my eyes, that makes her a fantastic stylist because she absolutely refuses to become stagnant.  Many hairdressers lose their passion and leave the industry.  Kel keeps pushing to stay fresh.  I asked her what inspires her (as she inspires me so much)  She replied, “other hair designers, art and nature – and how I can plan and construct the hair in a method that fits in with both my client’s lifestyle and personality.”

“I also like taking advantage of the education that is provided through the salon so I can add it to and customize it to my guests needs.”  Kelly also said she looks at her time with each of her guests as an adventure.  Having traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and bunking with her, I can say that is completely true – Kelly will always have a sense of exploration – forever on a quest to discover great places, pictures, techniques or ingredients.

I could have only guessed that the first person to greet me so warmly at Salon Enso, would also be one of my greatest influences.  Those feet from six years ago belong to a 1,000% stellar individual who is an inspiration and motivation to everyone in the salon.  We recently threw a party to celebrate a milestone birthday for Miss Kelly and I’ve never seen anyone both so gracious, excited and inspired to begin another decade of life.  Here is to you, Kell Bell!  Thank you for being exactly who you are – an inspiration, a go-getter, a coworker, a dynamite hairdresser and a friend.

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