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Giving Sparkles

It is mid-January already! And, if I’m completely honest I don’t remember much of it – December either. I don’t remember much of these months because they fly by in such a flurry (ahahaha).

December sees the salon reach fever pitch as everyone has to look their best for holiday celebrations – which means some very, very busy scissors in the salon (color brushes too!)

What I can recall of December are some wonderful segments, such as our Salon Enso staff party. I work with some very amazing individuals. These ladies are truly the BEST. We love to spend time together but it is rare that our schedules allow at the same time so our holiday party is where we share laughs, food, snuggles and cheer.

salon enso staff

At our holiday party last year we completed our first ever service project where we made and donated fleece blankets to Ronald McDonald house. This year it was decided we’d stick a little closer to home and bomb Lancaster with our love – SCARF bomb that is.

For those not in the know, scarf bombing (also known as the Wrap Up project or Chase the Chill) involves leaving cold weather gear (namely a scarf) out for those who are less fortunate.

Darcy, the owner was inspired by a Lancaster Central Market Facebook post and decided it would be our “gift” this year as we had so much fun making and giving last year.

Two weeks after our party Darcy made her way to downtown Lancaster to distribute our warm weather wear to the delight of many in need individuals.

She said she barely made it two blocks until all 20 plus scarves were handed out!

scarfDecember is a fabulous month for giving as everyone has the holidays on their mind. The clients at Salon Enso are always more than generous with thoughtful, monetary and edible gifts. Food banks see surpluses of food and many organizations reach their fundraising goal.

However, should we really stop once the calendar ticks off December 31st? I’ve noticed an ad on television recently that highlights the fever pitch of giving in December, but notices that the need can still remain well into the New Year. It showcases a bustling soup kitchen in prep for the holidays then the scene transitions into the same room, sparsely populated with no food on the tables. It made me think of giving shouldn’t be just a one-time thing, but perhaps all year long.

I understand we’ve got crazy credit card bills to pay and it’s cold outside. And I’m not talking about huge donations of time or money…but simple gifts throughout the year go a long way.

snow shovelingMy mom is one of those individuals that is generous in spirit all year long. Rarely does she show up to an appointment empty handed. Nine times out of ten she’s brought along some treat for all of us gals to share.

My neighbor recently got a plow attachment for his tractor and plowed our driveway one snowy afternoon as my husband and I were still at work.

I am more than happy on mornings when I get to work early to skip over to Grand Central Bagel and buy coffee for my co-workers.

A restaurant around the corner from my house allows guests to “pay forward” a breakfast for someone less fortunate.

My husband’s students donated boxes and boxes of gently used clothing and supplies to people in Puerto Rico.

All these small acts add up and they don’t need to be completed or done throughout the month of December alone.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Giving looks good on everyone…and if it does, why not be attractive all year long?

I guarantee the joy in someone’s eyes when you surprise them with a warm scarf, cup of coffee, breakfast, hug, special treat or all of the above will make you sparkle all year long.

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