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Falling for a Change?

The seasons are changing…

                The moment the seasons change (or that they appear to – I am recording this stream of consciousness on a first day of autumn that is reading 90 degrees) we stylists seem to be inundated with requests from clients for a brand new look.  A new look is a way to welcome in the latest temperatures, fashions and all the associated feelings with them. 

                Generally we see cozy rich tones and longer locks come fall, shorter lengths and lighter brighter in the spring.  Personally, I’m delighted when a guest is inspired enough to switch up there look.  This isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with staying steady, true and committed to a look, however every guest gets the seasonal “Itch” every now and again – and I’m not just speaking about allergies.

                What to do when a specific look causes your eyes to tingle and not because of the absurd level of ragweed in the air?   Whether or not your new desired visage is a strong departure from your previous one, it is highly suggested to schedule a consultation.

What is a consultation?

                A consultation is a fifteen minute appointment that is separate from your regularly scheduled color and/or cut.  This allows you to sit down and describe (also show – but more on that in a minute!) us your new dream hair.  It also allows us (the stylists) to discuss the maintenance, cost, time and product.  Together we can decide how feasible your desired look is for your lifestyle – or if we can take inspiration from that color and cut and tweak it so it best fits you.

Best to be prepared!

                Preparation for a consultation is highly recommended.  In this day and age we all walk around with a mini computer attached to our hand {I’d say ear, but who actually talks on a cell phone? 😉 and those are fantastic for locating photos of styles you may LOVE.  The key is to find MULTIPLE angles (if possible) that showcase hair that makes your eyes sparkle (and not because they are watering from mold spores). Decide what it is that catches your eye about the new cut and color.  Is it the amount of brightness and depth?  The tone?  The layers?  Texture?  Something to keep in mind is the hair in the picture will transition a little differently as it is the hair on your head.  Meaning, if you love the bold sun kissed look of balayage and bring in photos of models with their hair styled in loose waves that photo will make it look like there is more contrast to the hair.   Why?  Because curls create more shadow and light.  Conversely, if you bring in a photo of stick straight hair and have always rocked curly styles, a blow dryer, brush and flat iron are going to be your new BFFs.   Remember to look specifically at the hair and see what speaks to you.

                Just as it is important to find hair you absolutely LOVE it is also encouraged to find hair you do not like.  Sometimes differences can be minor, but it is always helpful to know what is too short, too layered, too red, too ashy, too bold or not bold enough.  All these photos help create a clear picture of your new hairdo.  In addition, it lets us as the stylists know how much change you are willing to make.

                If the change of season has you seeing, red (and again, not your watery eyes), staring with blissful sighs at a long bob or even contemplating a smattering of highlights to carefully change your look a consultation is the way to roll.  Even if the temperatures outside haven’t changed, that doesn’t mean your hair needs to stay the same.

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