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Don’t Stop Conditioning

The goal here at Salon Enso is to always have you feeling good about yourself and your hair when you leave.  Fresh color or even the tiniest of trims can elevate our spirits.  The “fresh out of the salon” feeling is a good ‘un.

Preserving that feeling and fresh hair glow will always begin with stylist suggested home care.  The first step is using the proper Aveda Shampoo and conditioner to see that your specific hair needs are met.  Whether that is hydrated, more voluminous, less frizzy or color protection, there are cleansing and conditioning options to see that your hair is cared for at home.  There is also one more not-so-secret step to at home care that we, the stylists, as well as our Aveda Representative, Renee swear by (in addition to the Aveda shampoos and conditioners) to leave our hair in its optimal health…

Our not so secret secret is – Leave in conditioner.

I KNOW most of us condition in the shower and I know some guests are not fans of Après-shampooing (conditioner in French – it is printed on our bottlesJ).  However think of it like this:  Rarely do we wash or faces and go.  Most of us use a moisturizer a serum, sunscreen, lip balm or aftershave.  We follow up our cleansing routine with steps to protect our skin – so why not our hair?

Whether we like it or not, our hair faces a particular amount of assault outside of our showers.  Brushing, blow drying, combing, heat styling (we love beach-y waves and stick straight styles), sun and environmental pollution all wreak havoc on our strands.  Leave-in conditioners help alleviate the stresses we put our hair through by adding a protective layer of moisture, protection and environmental defense.  Leave-in conditioners are designed to be put in clean, damp hair before any styling product.  It is here they will work their magic – helping to add softness and shine as well as protecting hair from breakage and color fade. 

If you are worried about additional weight or oil being added to your hair, fear not.  Aveda offers three very lightweight options that are designed to help save your strands minus any heaviness or greasies.

Damaged Divas and Divos

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is designed for fine fragile types, those that would rather wear a bag over their head than show off their natural texture or those that are determined to have Rapunzel or Rip Van Winkle lengths.  Formulated with quinoa protein helps to INSTANTLY repair damage hair, whist wheat protein helps protect hair from heat styling.  Macadamia oil adds shine to hair in a very lightweight formula that penetrates the hair immediately upon application.  Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is designed to repair damage, detangle and create a foundation for easier hair styling.

Color Crowd

At Salon Enso approximately 75 to 80% of our guests receive color services (I include myself in these numbers as would every stylist you encounter behind the chair in our salon!).  Whether you come in monthly to have your plethora of “wisdom highlights” covered or to see if blondes brunettes or redheads have more fun, Color Conserve Daily Color Protect is savior of color enhanced strands.  This lightweight leave in helps prevent fading from sun exposure and environmental aggressors with its combination of Green tea, glycerin, and larch tea extract.  Baoab, castor and sunflower oils increase shine which helps colored hair look luminous, radiant and healthy.  This is my personal favorite leave in – especially since becoming a ginger last fall.

Sweet Smells and Smoothness

The newest lovely leave in on the block is the Cherry Almond Leave In Conditioner.  Bolstered by the immense success of Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo and Conditioner, Aveda created a leave in that continues the softening, detangling and smoothing effects of the originals.  If you have naturally thick, coarse, textured or unruly hair – this is the conditioner for you it is designed to boost softness, control frizz, protect from heat, add shine tame flyaways, reduce static, enhance manageability and infuse hair with that distinct, sweet cherry almond fragrance.   Moringa and sweet almond oils take the place of any heavy synthetic silicones or mineral oil – resulting in a thicker leave in conditioner minus the weight.

So there it is, our not so secret secret for the continual “fresh out of the salon feel” even if it is past the 6 week point of your color and cut.  Good prescribed Aveda home care sees to it that your locks are looked after out of our skilled hands.  Healthy hair is looked after and moisturized – and to paraphrase the band Journey

“Don’t stop conditioning – remember to use your leaaaaaavvvvvveeee iiiinnnnnn….”

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