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Charity:Water, Aveda and Global Responsibility

Our Mission, at Aveda is to care for the world we live in. From the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

As an Aveda educator and stylist I have the above mission statement committed to memory. It adorns all the Aveda paraphernalia and is proudly displayed on the walls within Salon Enso. The mission is an impactful, true guiding principal for how Aveda (as a company) and we (as a concept salon) conduct ourselves. Since its beginnings in 1978 (in Hors Rechelbacher’s bathtub), Aveda has worked tirelessly to ensure we give back to the Earth.

I have written for several years about the importance of Earth Month to the Aveda community. Every year, throughout the month of April, Aveda raises funds to donate to organizations for clean water. Each year Aveda salons (spas and stores) collect money for a local partner. In Salon Enso’s case (and other Aveda salons in Lancaster County) our partner was Clean Ocean Action.

Clean Ocean Action devotes their time and monies to cleaning up the New York and New Jersey coastline and educating the public on keeping their local beaches clean. Identifying sources of pollution and calling citizens to action aids in convincing public officials to enact and enforce measures to clean up and protect our ocean.

Going Global

This year for Earth Month, Aveda has decided to take their cause one step further – to a fully global cause. Nearly 1 in 10 individuals drink dirty water. What we take for granted by turning on our tap 663 MILLION people do not have access to. Dirty water causes many diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. These diseases end up killing more individuals than any form of violence.

Scott Harrison discovered this when he left his cushy job as a club promoter to work as a photographer on Mercy Ships. He saw first-hand what dirty, disease infested water can cause. The search for clean water takes children away from schools and parents away from work and their families.

Who is Mr. Harrison and why should we care about his journey?

Scott Harrison is the founder of the non- profit organization, Charity:Water. Established in 2006, Charity:Water has funded over 35,000 projects in 27 countries giving 9.5 million people access to clean water. Funding by private donors helps the organization function day by day. Every public donation is 100% accounted for and is put towards their cause of providing clean water for all. Donations collected fund wells, irrigation systems, purification systems or even toilets. Seeing as one of Aveda’s main goals is environmental responsibility and giving back to society, partnering with an organization such as Charity:Water for Earth Month 2019 is a no-brainer.

Every Droplet Counts

Beginning on March 31st with our 3rd Annual Salon Enso Cut-A-Thon and throughout the month of April, Salon Enso will be raising money for Aveda’s Earth Month campaign and Charity:Water. Our minimum goal is $5,000 which is enough to provide 166 people with clean water. Just imagine what we could do and how many more people we could help by surpassing that goal! Salon Enso believes #everydropletcounts. This Earth Month, let’s make it rain and set a strong example of what it means to be charitable, philanthropic and compassionate – not just within terms of becoming beautiful, but around the world as well.

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