A myriad of talent

I would like to begin this blog post by cutting (pun!) straight to the point.

It drives me mad to have a client sit in my chair and immediately ask, “How long have you been doing hair?” Cue the maniacal laughter.

Typically, analytical me will file through my brain to give an exact number, or if I’m feeling super sassy that day, I’ll retort with a grin and the response “It’s my first day.” Even our awesome and devoted front desk staff tires of the query “Is stylist X any good?”

I’d like to answer for all the stylists at Enso – we wouldn’t be employed as stylists at the top Aveda salon in Lancaster County if we weren’t good.

students diploma“Good” seems like a generic classification. To some individuals, good is just mediocre and to others good is of the highest praise. So perhaps we should change the word good to skill.

Skill means expertise, dexterity, ability, prowess and talent. Skill comes from practice and lots of it. No one that I’m aware of mastered riding a bike, driving a car or reading in their first go round. You practiced. You weren’t reading college level textbooks in first grade; you were busy perfecting your phonetics skills.

The point is, the more we do something – the more adept we become. You can be a protégé, however even protégés seek out to challenge themselves now and then.

The same school of thought is applied to how we tier our stylists at Salon Enso. We have three levels of stylist – Associate, Senior and Master. Each level of stylist is based on the amount of education taken and our practice executing it. In other words, improving our skill set.

Yearly education is a requirement to be employed at Salon Enso. We are always striving for betterment for ourselves and our work which is so prominently displayed upon your head.

Associate stylist

An associate stylist at Salon Enso is one who is fresh in the industry. They are new eyes and ears and generally are familiar with new trends in hairstyling, coloring and cutting.

light bulb concept

Obviously being a recent cosmetology school grad they do not have years of experience, however they do have the drive to become a successful stylist. They are eager for education and to expand their skill set – polishing as I call it.

Associate stylists are always eager to please clients and eager to learn. Their drive makes their talent shine.

Senior stylist

Senior stylists at Salon Enso have rocked it out in the industry for several years. They have a great client base and have taken classes to help expand their skill set. These classes allow the stylist to delight their clientele with new ideas and techniques.

hair stylist training

Senior stylists continue to train and study, like a runner preparing for a marathon. They are comfortable with their skills, but are not opposed to learning new twists on old techniques.

They value the education they have received and continue to take, all for the benefit of producing better colors, cuts and styles.

Master stylist

A master stylist at Salon Enso is one who has had many years experience in the hairdressing industry. They are well rounded stylists and have dedicated themselves to their skill set.

Some master stylists may have taken it upon themselves to become educators to assist in the success of up and coming hairstylists. They see the value of salon education and sharing it with others. They also see the value of continuing to improve themselves by taking education that allows them to further test their ability.

Think of the black belt in karate that decides to be a sensei – or Obi Wan to Luke Skywalker.

The long and short (ha-ha…pun!) of this story is – just as college or trade school better prepared you for the career you want, continuing education does the same for the stylists at Salon Enso.

In the end, what needs to be decided is what you would like your stylist to bring to the table.

Whether it is the fresh ideas of an Associate stylist, the new twists on classics of a Senior stylist or the Zen-like knowledge of a Master you can be assured that your locks will leave lustrous.

Marvelous, stupendous even and yes, really, really good.