Staying A-head: Part 2.

In this busy life, we are all try to fit “one last thing” in. Avoid over scheduling yourself by knowing about how long your appointment will last!

Set your watch…

Approximately two to three months ago I wrote a post about the importance of pre-booking – ESPECIALLY for our guests who wanted in the three short weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pre-booking is a fancy way of saying we like it when you (the guest) schedules their appointments in advance.  It ensures you get the appointment time most convenient for you and also sees you are able to see your favorite stylist (although, if you need to schedule with someone else in the salon – we are all awesome).

Side-Step the Stress

In this blog, I would like to break down appointment times a bit further.  I have come to the realization that not everyone is aware how long they are in the chair to achieve their hair dreams.  This idea came to me as a client looked at her phone whilst checking out, and exclaims she’s a half an hour late to meet a friend.  She may have thought she was running late, however she was departing right on schedule post her hour and a half color retouch appointment.

She isn’t the only guest to have this panic.  I have also had guests debate processing time with me as they overbooked their schedule for the day.  Therefore, to avoid any further confusion, I feel the need to take this opportunity to break down our most common appointments, and the time frame in which they are scheduled for.

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