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Jon Reyman

posted on December 2, 2015
Jon Reyman Spraying Product Jon Reyman

To the outside world the name Jon Reyman may not seem like one that is overly distinguished. At least, in a world full of Jo(h)ns both noteworthy and nameless (Jon Doe, Jon Bon Jovi). In Aveda world, the name Jon Reyman evokes creativity, artistry and more technical skill than you can shake a pair of shears at.

Why all the buzz about a man named Jon? In the 20 years he has been hairdressing, Jon Reyman has traveled across the world developing curriculum, he has secured the title of Aveda Pure-fessional (the highest level of stylist within the Aveda network), and served as lead stylist for years at fashion week. He also runs three thriving salons with a full staff in Soho, Los Angeles and San Francisco (Spoke & Weal). Mr. Reyman also utilized his skills as master stylist and artistic director at the Aveda Advanced Academy in New York. His progressive cutting and styling techniques are cause for his advanced cutting, runway styling and editorial styling classes to be sought out by stylists nationwide. Salon Enso’s very own Molly Swan was lucky enough to participate backstage at fashion week Autumn Winter 2015 under Jon’s tutelage. She called the experience “epic” (and is still sharing tips and tidbits from the experience).

Jon Reyman Spraying Water

Molly’s description of her time spent in Jon’s Advanced Runway styling course in January lead to some serious excitement at Salon Enso earlier this month. As a staff, Salon Enso values education.

We invest in our careers to make us better stylists sometimes traveling hundreds of miles to make it happen. So what led to this flurry of elation? Mr. Jon Reyman made a trip to Lancaster and taught an Advanced Cutting class within our salon doors.

Fifteen stylists were able to participate in the class, the bulk of those being the Salon Enso crew. It was informative and it was challenging and there were more than a few light bulbs illuminating above individuals’ heads.

It was also invigorating to see how Jon views the hair as fabric and encourages all stylists to make that fabric as easily manipulated (see easily styled) as possible. We discussed the components of the hair which are texture, length and density and how a cut is effected by the length and density of hair, but texture is specifically product (a real aha moment).

He gave us new techniques for creating more modern haircuts, a soft fringe, face framing layers and stressed his philosophy when it came to hair: Dry hair don’t lie – which was followed by multiple examples of why he prefers dry cutting over wet (again – lightbulbs).

Jon Reyman Cutting Hair

Jon Reyman then followed up his Sunday Advanced Hair Cutting class at Salon Enso by hosting a business building seminar the following day at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster. In this seminar, he spoke about the atmosphere within his highly successful salons. His key was giving his stylists a sense of purpose and autonomy as well as helping them continually master their skills. He shared how he views the salon culture as a community in which everyone learns how their influence can impact the culture of the salon. He gave some fantastic strategies for conflict resolution and how to be direct and kind in communication. It was incredibly special was being there as there as a staff (told you we valued education!) and discussing how these strategies fit in with the salon already and ways we can improve our interactions as a team.

It was two whirlwind days of non-stop learning (and a lot of information crammed into a few short hours) but the glow of excitement and bristling energy from all of us the following day proved that it was two days well served! I can also attest from the number of stylist saying very lovingly to their guests “today I’d like to try something new on you I learned in a class” and the nods of approval – these techniques are here to stay. In a word – epic.

CC Images courtesy of EventPhotosNYC of Flickr

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